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Back on Track: Achieving Healthy Weight Loss

Apr 18, 2022

The health space has changed so much in the past two decades. With so much new information available to us now, it’s impossible to just boil down weight gain to “not eating healthier or not exercising enough.” Dr. Leslie Golden joins me in this episode to provide fresh insights and key things we need to know about obesity. Additionally,  she will open up about her own experiences grappling with her weight loss journey.


Dr. Leslie is an Obesity Medicine and Primary Care Physician at a private practice in Watertown, WI. She serves on the Obesity Medicine Association's National Advocacy Committee and is a Rural Clinical Preceptor for University of Wisconsin Family Medicine Residents.


After experiencing weight loss on both sides - as an obesity doctor and an individual who suffered from weight issues, Dr. Leslie Golden empathizes a lot with those going through the same thing. It’s time to give yourself some grace and re-think what really causes obesity, so don’t forget to listen in!


Ways to Connect with Dr. Leslie Golden:

Website: Watertown Family Practice

LinkedIn: Leslie M Golden MD, MPH, ABOM